View of Anchorage Downtown at sunset riding an electric bicycleRecognized four times as an All-American City, Anchorage is also the largest city in Alaska, and is a great destination located in one of the world's most beautiful places with the Chugach National Forest located just a few miles from downtown and Cook Inlet that serves as the city’s gateway to the Pacific Ocean. Anchorage’s far north location means that daylight hours during the summer extend over 22 hours allowing residents and visitors to enjoy long evenings for bike riding on the City’s beautiful coastal trail that parallels Cook Inlet with spectacular views of the City, Cook Inlet and the Alaska Range. It is also not uncommon to also see moose, fox, bear and a variety of migratory waterfowl when riding the coastal trail. What is more amazing is that our business, Alaska Pablo’s Bicycle Rentals is located just one block away from this coastal trail that stretches over ten miles. Alaska Pablo’s Bicycle Rentals is also located just steps away from great shopping, amazing restaurants, galleries, coffee shops and much more.

Anchorage sits on the base of the Chugach Mountains along with the Cook Inlet. You can see the Chugach, Kenai, Talkeetna, and Alaska mountain ranges from Anchorage, including North America’s highest mountain; Mount Denali (20,320-feet), all of which can be seeing from the coastal trail located just steps away from Alaska Pablo’s Bicycle Rentals. In addition, the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail features an incredible wildlife repertoire, from the majestic bald eagles to the enormous moose and their offspring among many others that can be seeing by this trail anytime of the day.

Close up of a moose while riding Electric Bicycle near downtown anchorageRecommended Activities:

One of the best ways to see Anchorage and to be able to take advantage of what this beautiful city has to offer is by bicycling, and why not, while promoting a greener environment. At Alaska Pablo’s Bicycle Rentals, we offer exceptional friendly services, with the most affordable rates in town. For those who prefer not to petal we offer Electric Bicyles (E-Bikes). 

Finally, bicycling throughout the city of downtown Anchorage will allow you to get much further than on foot, and without loosing the personal touch of walking which means, that you can see Earthquake park located about 4 miles from Alaska Pablo’s Bicycle Rentals and after you have past Westchester Lagoon and commemorate destruction of a neighborhood during the 1964's earthquake in Alaska, and why not, you can pack your lunch and spend an hour and a half going all the way to the 1,400 acre Kincaid Park.